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Slim's Knox County Whitetail's - Northeast Missouri Trophy Whitetail Hunting

Slims Knox County Whitetails

We have been outfitting in Missouri for 22 years now. We now have over 21,000 acres of prime Properties to hunt and growing each year. We have guides in place to ensure you will have the best chance to bring home a Trophy of a Lifetime. We Hunt elevated Blinds, Ladder Stands, Fixed stands, and Ground Blinds. Your Guide will take you out each morn and pick you up at the time you have discussed. We hunt over food sources, River Bottoms, Wood Lots, and CRP fields. We will work as hard as possible to make sure each client has not only a successful hunt but also a enjoyable hunt. Our Motto at Slim’s Knox County Whitetail’s
                             "Arrive a Client and Leave a Friend".

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